Our fave plant-focused documentaries

November 23, 2021

All you need to do is turn on Netflix or Stan to see a smorgasbord of new documentaries on our planet. Some of these documentaries have widened the eyes and minds of our team – which is understandable considering they’re the brains behind a plant-based company with a focus on saving the planet.

So let’s ask them: 

“What three documentaries have you found most inspirational when trying to create a business that focuses on educating and exciting people about the benefits of plant-based eating?”


  1. The Game Changers (2018) –  I really enjoyed its focus on the monumental impacts plant-based cuisine can have on athletic performance. It was a feel-good story that focused on the benefits of switching diets – without feeling as though it was shoving something down the throat of the viewer.
  2. Cowspiracy (2014) – This opened my mind to animal agriculture and its impacts on the environment. It’s a really educational piece for anyone who hasn’t seen this and doesn’t know how a meat-heavy diet can impact our planet.
  3. Rotten (2018) – This docuseries is a must. There are episodes focusing specifically on our planet and ecosystem. My big takeaway from this one was our need to scrutinise our decision-making process when moving away from one food group into another. It made me realise we really need to do our homework when it comes to the next sustainable solution and whether that is, in fact, the next best option. 


  1. The Game Changers (2018) – Like Stu, I found The Game Changers a real eye-opening, thought-provoking, and inspiring documentary. It highlighted the performance benefits of a plant-based diet thanks to compelling data and incredible interviews with world-class athletes. 
  2. Climate Change: The Facts (2018) – This was a sobering look at the future habitability of our only home, and there was no one better to present and narrate the documentary than Sir David Attenborough. The insight from the world’s best scientists, engineers, and other professionals involved is incredibly informative and eye-opening.
  3. The Plant-Proof Podcast  – I know, I know, it’s not a documentary, but it deserves a spot for good reason! The host Simon Hill interviews a broad spectrum of guests to break down the science behind plant-based eating. Contrary to the stereotypical view of those who follow a vegan diet, Simon encourages celebrating anyone taking the time to learn more about the food they eat.

Now, while we have them, let’s ask Stu and Sam one final question:

"If you were to jump into the director’s chair, what topic would you explore by making it into a documentary?"


I’d love to do an educational piece on marketing vegan versus plant-based eating. You know, delve into consumer psychology when marketing the future of plant-based products. 

At Flave, we’ve seen this almost bastardisation of the term ‘veganism’ with it coming across as ‘too preachy’, ‘unrealistic’ etc. and, as a result, people becoming almost afraid and closed-off to its positive effects. I want to normalise this way of eating and do away with any unnecessary stigma.


Even though plant-based cooking is growing and expanding at rapid speed, there is still such a misconception that this style of food is devoid of flavour or is simply plain and boring. 

It would be great to educate people on how to be flavour-foward. I want them to realise the fun in combining vegetables, herbs, spices, wholefood plant-based proteins including tempeh and tofu, beans, lentils and legumes, and even some plant-based ‘meats’.